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We are keen to see and hear the views of all those interested in defending and improving London's NHS.

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Welcome to the debate on the way forward for London's NHS, and the NHS as a whole.

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Report of the People's Inquiry which was published on March 20 with the full Panel present. This has been followed by strong support for the Report's 18 recommendations, each of them unanimously endorsed by the Panel.

We have begun the process of taking the report out into discussions among campaigners and the wider public, and attempting to win commitment to the recommendations from Labour and other political parties.

As part of this we are keen to open up the process, and to see and hear the views of all those interested in defending and improving London's NHS.

That's why we are inviting feedback, comments and ideas on how the Report's findings can be taken forward, which can be shared in this new, open forum.

Obviously an open forum means that some of the ideas will not be those of the Panel or the People's Inquiry, or Unite the Union which has generously supported the project. We look forward to hearing your views, concerns and additional information that can help us develop the campaign.

John Lister, Researcher, People's Inquiry into London's NHS

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  • John Lister

    Monday 14th April 2014 12:10

    Since the People's Inquiry Report has been published there has been renewed campaigning in various parts of the country against cutbacks in mental health services, highlighting the concerns raised in the hearings and the Panel's recommendations 8 and 9.

    But while the government has offered some warm LibDem words about redressing the institutionalised discriminatiin against mental health by commissioners and NHS England, health minister Norman Lamb has effectively dumped the problem right back on the mental health trusts that are suffering the cuts, telling them it's their job to challenge the unqual formula applied by NHS England.

    It's clear that as long as the overall spending freeze planned by George Osborne remains intact, commissioners and politicians will tend to favour further attacks on mental health services which have a lower media profile to minimise politically embarrassing cuts and closuires in acute hospitals.

    That's why recommendation number 1 is vital in any defence of the NHS.

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